6. Yagoto's Sushi
"Quaint, but cleaner and more stylish"
Our Work
Design #1: Logo
The outside of Yagoto's is unreflective of the fact that Yagoto's is a Japanese restaurant. Neon-like tubing caused the location to look dated and somewhat unappealing, and there was little to no consistency in branded material, be it in promotional signs or the menu. The design of a new logo is the building block of an effective marketing strategy for Yagoto's.
Design #2: Business Cards
Yagoto's does not currently utilize business cards as part of its promotional strategy. With a relatively dated logo and a niche market presence, Yagoto's is limited in its ability to expand with regard to scale or quality. The implementation of business cards and other stationery will reduce reliance on students from a neighbouring school as the customer base, meaning that a lack of sales during non-peak seasons such as the summer can be mitigated.
Design #3: Menu
The current menus available at Yagoto's are hand-written, without any regard to Yagoto's brand identity. There is a general lack of consistency and professionalism within such menus; customers are not impressed. The following design utilizes a modern, minimalist style to display items, and fulfills its role in maintaining the brand image as part of the customer experience.
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