4. Shutter Film Festival
"Featuring the youngest filmmakers."
Our Work
Design #1: Logo
The festival required a unique yet versatile logo to use on promotional material and other branded features. Modernity and simplicity were points of emphasis in the design; the circular motif can be repeated in other material and the brand can be represented without the use of text. The logo is stackable.
Design #2: Posters
Posters were necessary to both obtaining film submissions and generating interest in the festival. Posters are intended to be minimalistic in nature, and must reflect the general branded themes of the logo. A QR code was integrated into the design of certain posters, directing users to the Eventbrite link for tickets.
Design #3: Tickets
The design of the tickets were abstract and modern, with the intention that tickets were meant not only as a requirement for admission, but also as memorabilia of the event. They feature a free popcorn box, which is marked once the attendee presents the ticket for free popcorn.
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