Past Projects
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1. EMBERS Vancouver
As one of Vancouver's most impactful charities, EMBERS believes in the transformative power of work, applying this principle by providing temporary employment to those residing in the Downtown East Side. On two different occasions, EMBERS required videography, one to enter into a contest hosted by the Vancouver International Film Festival, and the other to cover a crucial donor event/fundraiser.
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2. is an online vendor of Microsoft products, providing such software at highly competitive rates. Softwarekeep required a series of corporate videos that showcase the utility of Microsoft products.
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3. Coalition Vancouver
Spearheaded by former Member of Parliament Wai Young (Vancouver South), Coalition Vancouver required numerous designs to cultivate a strong political and social presence. This took the form of updating old designs and creating designs geared for a "smart" campaign (the use of social media and QR codes).
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4. Mother Trucking Movies
Mother Trucking Movies is not a real company. It's an imaginary service that provides mobile movie theatres, which are mounted on trucks. Required was a promotional video and design/branding services.
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5. Youth Political Organizations
Vancouver is home to many politically involved youth, who take leadership roles in provincial and federal political parties. Numerous youth political organizations were provided with branding/marketing services, including UBC Conservatives and UBC BC Liberals, as well as multiple non-partisan groups.
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