3. Coalition Vancouver
"An upstart municipal political party, spearheaded by a former MP"
Our Work
Design #1: Flyers
Coalition Vancouver relies heavily upon an inclusive and diverse base of supporters, providing literature in both English and Simplified Chinese. The client requested a modernized campaign strategy- one with complete social media integration. As a solution, we created a double-sided bilingual flyer that utilizes a QR code linking directly to Coalition Vancouver's campaign site.
Design #2: Business Cards
A business card for members of Coalition Vancouver's campaign team is necessary for a dynamic and engaging campaign strategy. With consideration for technological integration, all business cards included a contemporary design, complete with the headshot of the mayoral candidate, and a QR code that links to the campaign website.
Design #3: Supporter Badges
Door-knocking is one of the most effective strategies in political campaign, yielding a markedly higher voter turnout for the political campaign that engages in this form of campaigning. Consistent with the goal of creating a smart campaign, QR code integrated supporter badges were designed to identify volunteers and promote Coalition Vancouver.
Video Series #1: Ken Charko
Ken Charko is the owner of the Dunbar Theatre- a locally celebrated investor and businessman. The following video is part of a series played locally in elevators, restaurants, and social media, focusing on Ken's reputation for consistent dedication to cultural and economic development in Vancouver.
Video Series #2: Penny Mussio
Penny Mussio is the owner of ICBCAdvice.com and designer at Mussio Law Group- a locally renowned businesswoman with a reputation for effectiveness and diligence. The following video is part of a series marketed consistently on Facebook, as a way of introducing Penny's platform to Vancouver voters.
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