Coalition Vancouver

"An upstart municipal political party, spearheaded by a former MP"
Our Approach

Goal: Define the brand identity of an upstart municipal political party

Media: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

Coalition Vancouver is an upstart municipal political party spearheaded by former Vancouver-South MP Wai Young. We shared their vision for responsible, accountable governance of Vancouver, and worked directly with the campaign team in order to develop a series of contemporary designs to amplify their message:

1. Constituent Flyers

Coalition Vancouver relies heavily upon an inclusive and diverse base of supporters, providing literature in both English and Simplified Chinese. The client requested a modernized campaign strategy- one with complete social media integration. As a solution, we created a double-sided bilingual flyer that utilizes a QR code linking directly to Coalition Vancouver's campaign site.

2. Business Cards

A business card for members of Coalition Vancouver's campaign team is necessary for a dynamic and engaging campaign strategy. With consideration for technological integration, all business cards included a contemporary design, complete with the headshot of the mayoral candidate, and a QR code that links to the campaign website.

3. Supporter Badges

Door-knocking is one of the most effective strategies in political campaigning, yielding a markedly higher voter turnout for the political campaign that engages in this form of campaigning. Consistent with the goal of creating a smart campaign, QR code integrated supporter badges were designed to identify volunteers and promote Coalition Vancouver.

Project Highlights:
1. Technological integration using QR codes provides greater accessibility for younger demographics
2. Revamp of previous palette allows for increased visibility and a more distinct brand identity
3. Use of sharp, irregular geometry heightens sense of modernity