BCAMA Marketer of the Year

“Turn an intangible product into something truly engaging” - Christian Westin, BCAMA
Our Approach

Goal: Capture the essence of marketing at the BCAMA #MOY2019

Media: Photo (Fuji XT-3, 7Artisans 50mm/F1.8) (Panasonic Lumix, Leica DC Vario-Element 25-600mm/F2.8)

Here's a secret... We may have looked through Yuepon's past cosplays, and we may have become instant fans. As such, we were overjoyed to do a photography project centred around creating beauty shots of Yuepon's Young Xehanort cosplay, scoping out a clean, urban location to emphasize the presence of the Kingdom Hearts villain.

Project Highlights:
1. Gorgeous location set the tone for gala-perfect photos
2. Darker lighting make for a very cinematic environment
3. Candids can capture genuine emotions without intruding